Event Planning Advertising

Get your company in front of thousands of event planners, meeting planners and event industry professionals on the NationalEventPlanning.com websites!

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Event Planning Advertising

NationalEventPlanning.com has sites in all of the major continental U.S. cities reaching thousands of event industry professionals monthly. Our sites are highly optimized, giving advertisers an edge over competitors who are not easily found through event planning searches.

No Pay-per-click or Pay-per-lead Hassle

Unlike other sites that tap your wallet every time someone clicks on your site (even accidentally), the NationalEventPlanning.com websites will list your company for a low annual fee. Your company will be listed on the Event Planning website of your choice, and you get:

Your company logo

Company description up to 250 words

Link directly into your company website

Random ad placement ensuring your ad receives frequent top placement

Getting set up takes just a few minutes and your ad will be up and running within 24-hours.

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